Welcome To Your Wellness Journey

Ready to change your life towards one of more fulfillment, better physical & mental health, and an overall state of increased happiness?

What is dis-ease? Many of us spend much of our lives in a state of imbalance. In this state, our bodies, minds, and souls have a disconnect between them, causing us to feel unwell.

Your wellness goes beyond mere physical health. It is just one component of your health. Without the support of the mind and spirit, ultimately, it’s near impossible to attain excellent physical health. 

Where do I come in? I’m here to guide you through you the emotional cause of your physical illness as your Medical Intuitive. With centuries worth of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine knowledge combined with the backdrop of my experience in Western medicine, my sole focus is to help you create the best, balanced version of yourself you’ve ever been. 

My mission is to be your guide from dis-ease to a state of ease. Let’s get your body, mind, and soul back into a state of balance so that you can live a better life!

More About me
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Discover The Beginning of Your Healing Journey

When you book a 90 discovery session with me, we’ll begin to dive deep into some of the challenges that may be affecting your health and present state of wellness. We’ll go through any changes in your life and any other issues that we may be able to help with. Once we’ve discussed this, I can begin to integrate this information into an action plan that aims to find the root of the illness and, ultimately, create a better, healthier life for you.

The Discovery Is Just The Beginning

Using the discoveries we’ve made in our initial session, we’ll further develop and nurture the action plan we’ve created together. Your wellness journey has just begun, and we’re excited to help guide you down a path of happiness, physical health, and mental well-being.

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