Are you ready to improve your physical health and live a better, more fulfilling life?

In general terms, the majority of us live our lives in a state of dis-ease meaning that there is not a balance between our mind, body, and soul.

Health is not just physical. As long as we strive for physical health without striving for better emotional mental and spiritual health, physical health is not possible.

As a Medical Intuitive, I guide my patients to help them figure out the emotional cause of their physical illness. By bringing patients mind, body and soul back into balance, they transform from a state of dis-ease to a state of ease.

More About me

Begin Your journey of Change with a Discovery Session

This is 90 minute long discovery session where we will discuss your current health situation and other life challenges.  This information will help me to integrate the two in order to find the root cause of your illness.  We will then, together, come up with a plan of action.  

After your discovery session, come back for your single session

This session can be booked after the initial Discovery Session.  In these session we will continue with our plan of action that we outlined during the discovery session.