The journey of Simi to Dr. Simi Ahuja

The journey of Simi to Dr. Simi Ahuja

Thank you for visiting my blog page.  This is the first time I am blogging and am a bit nervous about it.  I will probably share too much at times and not share enough other times.  But this is my process of learning and I am willing to be vulnerable enough and learn from my mistakes.  I hope that you can accompany me on this journey as my companion.  I will share what Mind-Body Medicine is and how you can use it to heal and empower yourself.

The journey of Simi to Dr. Simi Ahuja
Dr. Simi Ahuja

My passion is Mind-Body Medicine.  It has helped me to heal in more ways than I could ever imagine and in ways that I cannot even begin to put into words.  It is my intention to spread the word about Mind-Body Medicine and it’s the power to transform not just your health but your life.  For true health lies in being at ease with everything around you not just your physical body.  Every facet of your life is intertwined with another.

I will begin by sharing my experience with Mind-Body Medicine in hopes that it will help you to understand it’s power and potential.  I was sexually abused from the ages of 6-12 by close family members.  Research has shown that brain development stops at the time of the trauma regardless of whether it’s big or small.  So needless to say my brain stopped developing at the age of 6.  That is the time for the development of cognitive skills.  In short, that is the time when we learn how to perceive and reason.  As you can see that these are essential skills to have in order to navigate life.  Because of the lack of brain development, I did not realize how deeply sexual abuse had affected me.  I migrated to the USA at the age of 12 that is when the sexual abuse stopped.

Sexual abuse had already eroded my self-esteem.  When I came to the USA I began to question everything I had learned in my life up until that point.  I began to question our family’s ethics, values, beliefs, traditions and even our way of life.  I started to take on the American belief system and began to rebel against my family.  That’s when the lies began.  I was confused, lost and highly suggestible.  All this while undergoing puberty.  I finished high school and went to college while living at home.  Just as I was graduating from college I met a guy with whom I eloped, bringing disgrace, shame, and humiliation to my family.

After running away from home my parents cut all ties with me. They wanted to have nothing to do with me because of my actions.  I got married and started to work odd jobs.   That’s when I first realized that I wanted to do more, to be more.  I did not want to get stuck as being an announcer at some Farmer’s Market making only $5/hour.

Growing up in India I had seen healers heal their patients just with the power of their intention.  That’s the kind of healer I had always wanted to be.  But where would I find that in America???  So I opted for the second-best and decided to go to medical school.  As I started medical school I found it extremely difficult to concentrate.  I had to listen to each lecture 3 times and had to read each chapter 3 times in each class in order to understand it.  Now, remember the cognitive dysfunction that I had?  That made it 10x harder to focus.  Once I started to do the clinical part of my medical school I realized that people like me (who were sexually abused especially at a young age) ended up in psych wards, not in medical schools.  But it was my little secret and I did not want anyone else to find out about it because when you apply for medical schools and you tell them that you were sexually abused you have little chance, if any, of getting in.

After graduating from residency and practicing medicine for a few years, I grew weary and frustrated with our broken health care system.  I felt stuck in both my work life and personal life.  Although I was able to “hold it together” professionally, my personal life was a mess.  I knew I needed some sort of a great intervention, that it was beyond me to “fix” my life.  Intellectually I knew that God was within me but I did not know how to search for that God within.  So I started to read spiritual books and take spiritual classes in hopes to find someone who will help me to go within.    I was blessed to find someone who did just that.  She taught me the art of going within.  Once I learned the technique I made tremendous progress.  Then one day I stumbled upon Mind-Body Medicine.  Which I will share in my next blog.  The more I practiced Mind-Body Medicine the deeper the healing happened.  I knew I was healing because each day was filled with multiple Ah-a moments.  The Ah-a moments occur when there is a new connection in the brain.  I have been practicing Mind-Body Medicine for a little over 5 years and I have now healed my cognitive brain dysfunction.  I perceive things differently, I reason differently, I emote differently.  Mind-Body Medicine has become a way of life for me.  I have also either released or healed relationships that were no longer serving me.  The best part of it all is my unique Divine gifts are stronger than ever before. I have the gift of tapping into a person’s subconscious mind to get to the root emotion that is causing the dis-ease.  Once the person is aware of that emotion they are able to release it hence restoring the flow of energy leading to ease.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.  I will share more about Mind-Body Medicine in my future blogs.  Please feel free to use the contact page if you would like a free consultation.  <3

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