What would I do without you?

The journey to self Love is the one that takes tremendous amounts of courage. Courage to look within. Courage to acknowledge your shadow aspect. Courage to accept your shadow aspect. With acceptance, the courage to then loves the shadow aspect arises.

Because Loving yourself means Loving ALL of you. Not just the parts that you think are good. If you reject parts of you that you think is bad then by definition that is not Love. Love is unconditional, Love is ever-present and it cannot be turned on or off based on our perceptions, thoughts, actions or reactions. This is what makes Love such a tough concept to grasp.

Now I have heard the phrase “Love yourself” at least a gazillion times. But never knew what that meant, that is until recently. I have always wondered how am I not loving myself? What does it mean when someone says you don’t love yourself? What am I doing in my day to day life that reflects that I am not loving myself? Why is my lack of self-love frequency vibrating so loudly that everyone else can see that I am not loving myself? It wasn’t until recently that I found out the true meaning of self Love. Even though this particular incident that happened yesterday and highlighted ways in which I wasn’t loving myself this part of the process began about 6 months ago. Yesterday as I was speaking with my business coach I caught myself saying “I don’t know what I would do without you”. Knowing fully well within my heart that I would know what to do even without him. Yet I couldn’t help but say that.

After we hung up I reflected on what had just transpired. At that moment I realized that I had said that just to please him. There was an implication in that statement that he was better than me. Implying somehow he was better than me and he knows how to handle my situation better than me. 

Nothing could have been further from the truth. I know that the answers lie within me. That I have the capability of solving my own problems. So I needed to honor my Divinity and the inner light that guides me every moment. 

I learned that through making this particular statement I was diminishing my inner light and hence not loving my self. I invite you to reflect upon where are you not Loving your self? In what ways are you diminishing our light? Much Love 

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