Dr. Simi Ahuja

Founder | Medical Intuitive

My Philosophy:  

While western medicine has a role in acute care, it neither provides us with the necessary tools for preventing illnesses nor does it help us to take care of chronic disease. One of its most significant limitations is that it only works on the physical body. Our health is all-encompassing. It involves not just our physical body but our subtle bodies, which include the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the astral body. When all of the bodies are working in unison, healing happens. 


Seeing the futility of western medicine and feeling “cornered” in my personal life, I began a journey into the mind in March of 2008. I did this in hopes of finding a solution to my physical and mental suffering. My journey led me to exciting discoveries about the power of the mind and its ability to heal the physical body. This realization enabled me to heal my own cognitive brain dysfunction that resulted from chronic childhood trauma hence giving me a deep understanding of the subconscious and the unconscious mind. I also gained insights into how the mind creates disease to prevent us from reaching optimal health and vitality and keeps us away from unity consciousness. 


These revelations birthed my passion for Mind-Body Medicine. This is a complete paradigm shift to how we practice medicine in the western world. The patient is disempowered because they are given medications that suppress an illness, potentially worsening their overall condition. If we continue to suppress an illness, whether it’s because of our unwillingness to deal with an emotional issue or some of the faults of western medication, the dis-ease will resurface perhaps in a future lifetime. Even physical death will not free us from the emotion until we consciously choose to release it. In this modality, the patient is empowered with tools on how to heal their physical body through the power of the mind. In short, this is a process of awakening. It is vital to continue to take medications that your doctor has given until we work through the issues that are causing your physical symptoms. As the wounds that we have suffered run very deep. In the end, I do want you to know that you cannot heal without ascending, and you cannot ascend without healing. The key is not to have any expectations about what the recovery might look like in your physical reality.

About Dr. Simi  

Dr. Simi is a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner board certified in Family Medicine, Holistic Health Coach, trained in Functional Medicine and a Medical Intuitive. 

Message from Dr. Simi 

“In order to proceed with this level of work, she needs your readiness as this work requires commitment. There is no magic pill. You have to be willing to do the inner work. You have to be willing to be honest with yourself. Last but not least, you have to dedicate yourself. The rewards that you will reap, the transformations that you will experience are priceless. If you are brave enough to explore the depths of your mind, then you have reached the place that was designed for you in mind.”