Honoring The Divine Feminine Within Each One Of Us Is A Great Way To Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with an appreciation for divine femininity Mother’s Day is a celebration of womanhood. It has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May for over 100 years. It was initially intended to honor our mothers. However, now it can be applied to anyone in a mothering role who is important to us. […]

Relax Your Mind And Body – 3 Ways

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Relaxation Is Essential To Our Well-being The world is an ever-changing place. It can be hard to keep up, let alone focus on essential things in our lives and relationships. Stressful jobs, children, and deadlines that never seem to end are just some of the stressors we face every day.  Do you know what it […]

What Is Hormone Therapy?

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You may have heard of hormone therapy, but what is it? Hormones are chemical messengers that communicate to your body when something is wrong. Hormone therapy is a form of treatment for those who have hormonal imbalances, either due to aging or medical conditions like PCOS or menopause. Hormones can also help with weight loss, […]

What The Ancient Healers Knew That Modern Medicine Doesn’t

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Where Spirituality Meets Medicine We live in a time of great medical advancements. Hospitals are filled with doctors, nurses and other professionals using the latest technologies to heal people. What we don’t realize is that this same knowledge has been used for centuries by ancient sages who have healed more people than any Western doctor […]

Holistic Health: A Mindful Approach to Healing

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Health is a delicate balance of the mind, body, and soul. There are many factors that can contribute to our health – from what we eat and drink to how much we exercise. As holistic healers, it’s important for us to understand that each individual will have different needs when it comes to their healing […]

Dragonfly Magic The Gift of Kapowai

Dragonfly Magic The Gift of Kapowai

Kapowai is the Maori word for dragonflies. Dragonflies present as your spirit guide when you are ready to receive their messages.  Kapowais are magical and have often been considered as messengers of the nature spirits; mediators between nature and mankind. I feel connected to the dragonfly as we, too, are a product of nature and nature’s […]